A Typical Day on Tour With HVT

At Highland Vista Tours we take pride in assisting our clients with the planning process of their perfect tour of the Southwestern US. We love sharing our passion for the incredible geology, flora and fauna, Native American history and much more. 

We are often asked what a typical day with HVT encompasses. The answer is simple: Tours are individually designed for our clients, so our tour routine varies greatly depending on, for example, length and group size, desired activities and attractions, and type of tour. Nevertheless, we outlined a typical tour day below to give you a general idea of what you may expect.

Sunset Photoshoot on Tour

A typical HVT tour day: 

All of our tour days include many scenic stops and/or visits to different attractions. On the average, we will stop every 30 to 50 minutes. We allow for a great deal of flexibility, not sticking to a tight schedule. Due to weather and other factors, one particular viewpoint may not be very appealing, but another one just down the road may be spectacular.

A spectacular viewpoint may require more time for things like photographs due to a special weather event, such as a rainbow. Weather delays or traffic events may also cause a delay. We include extra travel time in every day for such unavoidable situations as well as spectacular viewpoint opportunities or animal sightings.

An average driving tour day will begin at about 8:30 am after having breakfast and loading up the tour vehicle. We are very flexible with our starting times. On our photography tours we often depart before sunrise.

Either during breakfast or right after loading up the vehicle we will review the day’s plans and what can be expected throughout the day. Each evening, usually during dinner, we also discuss the next day’s travel plans, attractions we will visit, activities, weather forecast, and clothing recommendations.

We will spend a lot of time “exploring” all the different locations on the itinerary. Some tour days will allow for an optional 1 to 1 1⁄2-hour hike. At mid-day we usually plan a sit-down restaurant lunch. On some tour days we may consider a box lunch when traveling to or through a more remote backcountry area.

We usually try to arrive at the evening accommodations in time to freshen up before the evening meal.

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