Antelope Canyon Navajo Nation Park

Whether a day trip or part of a multi-day excursion, Navajo Nation Park boasts with incredible picturesque landscapes that are well worth a visit. Amongst top places to see are Bisti Badlands, Church Rock, Four Corners Monument, Monument Valley and Little Colorado River. Particularly known and a bucket-list destination for many travelers is the Antelope Canyon – home to the slot canyon – located near Page, Arizona.

Discover Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon’s red sandstone formations and passageways have been carved by wind and water over thousand of years. Indescribable is the shifting light as it makes it way from the rim down to the bottom of the canyon. The changing light incidence lets the winding sandstone walls appear in many different shades of red and orange. When the sun beams into the canyon a spectacular spotlight is created on the sandy canyon floors.

Visitors may choose to visit the Upper Antelope Canyon and/or the Lower Antelope Canyon. Upper Antelope Canyon is at an elevation of 4,000 ft with walls as high as 120 ft. Lower Antelope Canyon offers a few hiking opportunities and a little more seclusion.

Antelope Canyon Tours

Neither the upper canyon nor the lower canyon can be entered without a certified tour guide. If you are particularly interested in viewing how the sun beams into the canyon, it is recommended to partake in a tour between 11 AM and 1 PM of the Upper Antelope Canyon in the months March through October. For those of you who like to avoid the tourist season, visit during the months November through February.

It is highly recommended to book tour guides ahead of time, especially during high-season. Multiple types of tours are offered, ranging from standard slot canyon tours and special photography tours to Antelope House Tours.

You will reminisce about the majestic towering walls and the play of colors in the ever changing light for years to come.

If you are looking to visit another attraction you can embark on a 2-hour boat trip from Page, Arizona, to the wharf in Bridge Canyon and see one of the worlds highest natural bridges: