Glacier National Park

With all of the beautiful natural sights to see at Glacier National Park, we have outlined a two-day sample tour itinerary. All of our tours are customizable to your desire.

Visit Glacier National Park

Day 1 – Tour East Glacier National Park

Firstly, we will visit the Many Glacier area. Yes, Many Glacier is named for its “many glaciers”. This area is known as the “Switzerland of North America”. It is an enchanting valley full of wildlife and spectacular scenery. Sites in the area include Swiftcurrent Lake and a stop for a visit at the waterfalls below Swiftcurrent Lake.

Also included is the “Two Lake” Many Glacier boat cruise aboard “Chief Two Guns” and “Morning Eagle” of about 1.5 hours total. You will see the glaciers in this magical valley from the seats of two historic wooden boats — Chief Two Guns on Swiftcurrent Lake and Morning Eagle on Lake Josephine. Enjoy both lakes via a small hike linking the two boats in this two-part tour. The tour begins on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake, below the expansive Many Glacier Hotel. Take the Chief Two Guns across Swiftcurrent Lake, dock, disembark and walk 0.2 mile to the shores of Lake Josephine and board the Morning Eagle. Cruise to the head of Lake Josephine where you can either disembark and go on a guided or self-guided hike, or remain on the boat to return across both lakes back to the Many Glacier Hotel.

After a relaxing morning, we will travel the route of the “Eastern Alpine Tour”, visiting the stunning St. Mary Lake area. We will travel to East Glacier – the original entrance to the park and home to the original Glacier Park Lodge.  From there we will drive up the Two Medicine Valley, stopping for a short hike to Running Eagle Falls (also known as “Trick Falls”) and learn about the Native American Folklore surrounding this sacred area of the Blackfeet Nation.  A short drive from there we will arrive at Two Medicine Lake for another historic boat tour aboard the Sinopah.  On route back to Many Glacier, we will traverse the Looking Glass Highway for exquisite views of the Two Medicine Valley and its Lakes.

Destination Overview

  • Swiftcurrent Lake/Falls
  • Josephine Lake
  • Grinnell Lake Tour (optional)
  • Running Eagle Falls
  • Lower Two Medicine/Upper Two Medicine Lake
  • St. Mary Lake
Logan Pass from Going to the Sun Road
View on Logan Pass from Going to the Sun Road

Day 2 Tour Logan Pass, Sun Road, and Lake McDonald Area

Start your tour from your hotel by driving to Saint Mary Lake for the 1 ½ hour Lake Tour.  Then you’ll traverse the famed Going-to- the-Sun Road to the high alpine region of the park and stand on top of the Continental Divide.  Discover incredible mountain ranges, glaciers, waterfalls, and wildflowers along the way as your custom private tour glides along the glacially carved Garden Wall on the “Going to the Sun” Road. 

Logan Pass: Reclining at the highest elevation reachable via automobile within Glacier National Park, Logan Pass rewards its visitors with dramatic panoramas of wildflower- strewn meadows, craggy mountain peaks, and sparkling glacial lakes, as well as the knowledge that the site on which they stand is annually buried by up to 80 feet (25 m) of snow. The “Going-to- the-Sun Road is a scenic landmark crossing Glacier National Park between the west entrance near the community of West Glacier and the east entrance at the town of St. Mary. This 50-mile paved road was completed in the 1930’s. In 1983 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and in 1996 it was designated a National Landmark.  

Stop at Avalanche Creek area for a short walking tour through the “Trail of the Cedars” before driving along Lake McDonald to Apgar Village for shopping/dining/photo opportunities and then back to Lake McDonald Lodge.

Lake McDonald: The largest of Glacier’s 130 lakes, Lake McDonald is a brilliant sapphire in a detailed setting of red cedar and hemlock forests bounded by towering snowcapped mountains. Her alpine backdrop frames one of the best wildflower displays in North America.

Your tour will be complete with a wonderful boat tour of Lake McDonald aboard “The DeSmet”, departing from Lake McDonald Lodge – one of the 3 original park lodges.

The day concludes with a drive back over the Sun Road to Many Glacier.

Destination Overview

  • Saint Mary Lake
  • Logan Pass Visitor Center 
  • Trail of the Cedars walking tour at Avalanche Creek
  • Apgar Village walking tour
  • Scenic stops along the shore of Lake McDonald
  • Scenic stops along McDonald Creek