6-Day Mighty Five Photo Tour Itinerary

Zion National Park Utah
A lookout on Angels Landing Trail, Zion National Park, Utah

Day 1: Zion National Park

The Watchman – Afternoon Primary Landscape

Note: Prepare for a last light shot, not just a sunset.

Day 2: Zion & Bryce Canyon National Park

Morning at Zion National Park

Court of the Patriarchs (great landscape early morning shot)

Zion Museum (through the backdoor for a big landscape)

Checker Board Mesa & Angel’s Landing (portraits later in the morning)

Leave via Carmel Highway (good and easy portrait shots)

Afternoon at Bryce Canyon National Park

Fairyland (just before the entrance)

Drive to far view if there’s time (photo in the afternoon, not sunset – too much shadow)

Sunrise over Bryce Canyon National Park
Sunrise over Bryce Canyon National Park | Photography by A.E. Heacox

Day 3: Bryce Canyon & Capitol Reef National Park

Morning at Bryce Canyon National Park

Sunset Point (the best sunrise spot)

Afternoon at Capitol Reef National Park

Beautiful drive along Highway 12

Escalante & Hog Back (very nice portrait shots)

Great twisty road shots along the way, including Boulder Mountain

On the rise out of Torrey, UT, toward Capitol Reef is a great afternoon landscape shot

Then drive back toward Torrey for the last light shot (half way to Torrey for the best shot)

Day 4: Capitol Reef National Park & Arches

Morning at Capitol Reef National Park

Best shots of Capitol Reef are in front of the visitor’s center Petroglyphs

Capitol Reef Scenic drive – history of settler/old-timer antiques (only antique shots on the tour)

Afternoon at Arches

Note: Days at Arches and Canyonlands can be switched to accommodate local weather patterns and is at the guide’s discretion.

Goblin Valley

Arches Money Shots!

Double Arch and North Window

Turret Arch 

Delicate Arch is the signature shot but it’s a 1.25 mile steep hike each way

View of Canyonlands
Beautiful view at Canyonlands | Photography by Ean Dunder

Day 5: Canyonlands

Morning at Canyonlands

National Park Website

Dead Horse Point State Park (great vista at sunrise)

Afternoon at Canyonlands

Island in the Sky (around 2:00 PM)

Candlestick Park

Grand View

Day 6: Arches & Salt Lake City

Morning at Arches

Drive past Fiery Furnace (shoot at will)

Colorado River Drive – 10 miles (lots of good shots with a big river)

Afternoon to Salt Lake City

Plenty of stops along the way for scenic portraits

Fiery Furnace Overlook Arches National Park
View from the Fiery Furnace Overlook at Sunset, Arches National Park, Utah