Our Charges

At Highland Vista Tours we like to provide the best services possible. Our guides are very knowledgeable, mature and experienced. We offer custom private tours. Therefore each tour will be individually costed based on a number of factors including the type of vehicle, the number of clients, the types of activities and the number of days on the tour.

Costs for 2-4 Clients

We prefer to offer our services on a “cost plus” basis.  As such, a tour party of 2-4 clients, we provide the tour guide, transportation, fuel and entry fees the National Parks and or historic sites of interest. 

Our charges usually range from $800-$950 per day.  The client pays for the lodging and meals for the clients and guide.

Larger Parties of 8-12 Clients

In some cases, like larger parties of 8-12 clients an all inclusive approach is preferred. Due to the larger size of the group, HVT’s charges can range from $1000 – $1200 per day plus lodging and meals.

In any case, our desire is to provide the best, value added service to you, our client.  Call or email Us and ask Highland Vista Tours to quote your tour.