Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Imagine standing beneath a rainbow of red rock towering above your head.  One is transfixed as a rainbow or red rock towers approximately 246 feet above you and spans 234 feet in width.  On a clear day, one can almost feel transported into another land as one steps into the vibrant blue sky and rugged terrain framed perfectly through the arch.  You experience the thrill of entering through the arch into a portal of unsurpassed beauty.  Time seems to stand still as you encounter this remote wilderness. 

This timeless treasure is visited by boat through the water passageways of Lake Powell.  Once the boat brings you to shore, a short hike brings you to this stunning rainbow view.  This hidden gem has been known to Native Americans for hundreds of years but has only had a publicized existence known to the world since 1909.  Rainbow Bridge was designated a National Monument in 1910 by President Taft. 

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Known for hundreds of years to Native Americans but only had a publicized existence to the world in 1909.

In 1910 President Taft designated it as a National Monument.