Sedona Arizona

Tour Sedona With Us!

We’ve been traveling to Sedona since 1972 and never get tired of the majestic Red Rock formations. This area of the country is in our backyard, and we’re quite proud of it and love sharing it with others. Therefore, we offer Sedona Custom Tours for those who want quality professional tour services. Our guides are local to the Northern Arizona area. Whether you’re looking for a tall tale about the old west or strolling in nature, we can help.

Sedona was founded in 1902 and named after the wife of the early settlers, T. C. Schnebly. In 1923, the film industry discovered Sedona and captured the picturesque landscape in several movies, such as The Call of the Canyon by Victor Fleming. Nowadays, Sedona is a sanctuary for many celebrities to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle.

Multiple award-winning resorts and restaurants provide visitors with an abundance of activities and dining options where you’ll find anything from rattlesnake to fine-dining French cuisine. However, Sedona is particularly known for its multiple energy vortexes. Many travelers visit Sedona solely to meditate and heal because of the belief that energy vortexes foster well-being and self-exploration.

Our guides are very experienced, likable, and have an exhaustive knowledge of Sedona’s history, geology, flora, and fauna.  Therefore, they will reveal rare and interesting information about the Native American culture and much more.

Local Tour Destinations

No matter what your interests are, Sedona features something for everyone. Based on the desired activities, we’ll do our best to show you some of the more unique, less traveled areas in and around Sedona. We’ve listed the most popular attractions below to spark your wanderlust.

Uptown Sedona

“Uptown” is Sedona’s tourist center with charming little shops that sell native jewelry, pottery and more, as well as many restaurants. Life-size bronze sculptures and the incredible Red Rock backdrop make this a great pit stop on your journey.

Backcountry Hiking Trails

Whether an expert trailblazer or a hiking novice, Sedona has many fine trails to take. Some top hikes in Sedona include, but are definitely not limited to: Cathedral Rock, Brins Mesa, Soldiers Pass, Fay Canyon, Huckaby, West Fork, Brocken Arrow, and Airport Loop.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Tlaquepaque, meaning “the best of everything,” is a shopping experience like no other. Located under a canopy of sycamores on the banks of Oak Creek, you’ll find beautiful galleries representing local artists as well as unique shops. The location itself is remindful of a traditional Mexican village. Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village is a must-stop for everyone visiting Sedona.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Considered one of the seven man-made wonders of Arizona, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is particular interesting to all design and architecture lovers. Inspired by the Empire State Building the chapel was under construction for 18 months and completed in 1957.

Sedona Wine Country

Surprising to many, Sedona has been in the winemaking business since the late 17th century. You’ll find estate vineyards along the hillside and can visit the small production facilities. Winery tours and wine tastings have become a popular activity for Sedona visitors.

Other more or less adventurous activities that can be incorporated in your tour include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Backcountry Jeep/ATV tours
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fly fishing
  • Scenic helicopter rides
  • Golf
  • A Western Movie site tour
  • Art Galleries tour
  • Slide Rock State Park visit