The Beauty of Antelope Canyon

The highlight of a day will be a tour through Antelope Canyon with a Navajo guide. Casual tourists often overlook Antelope Canyon because it is not a national or state park. However, Antelope Canyon is instantly recognizable as one of the most-photographed slot canyons in the American Southwest.

Its narrow passages, intricately carved sandstone, gently undulating curves and hollows varying from 3 to 9 feet (1 to 3 meters) wide, and occasional shafts of radiating sunlight piercing through the soft colors and shadows are unsurpassed in breathtaking tranquility.

Traveling through the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which encloses one of nature’s most inspirational settings, is stunning. Behind the Glen Canyon Dam, the waters of the Colorado River and its tributaries are backed up into the ravines and gorges of Glen Canyon, forming Lake Powell. With nearly 2,000 miles (3,218K) of stunning red-rock shoreline, Lake Powell is not only one of the largest man-made lakes in the USA, but also one of the most scenic. This contrasting assortment of captivating, water-filled canyons has become one of America’s premier destinations for outdoor water sports. Lake Powell and Glen Canyon, viewing the contrasting variety of narrow and water-filled canyons that result from a man-made monolith, Glen Canyon Dam. Lake Powell is one of the largest and definitely one of the most scenic man-made lakes in the world. Its coastline is longer than the entire west coast of the United States.

Tour Antelope Canyon with HVT

We love being part of the experience when visitors see Antelope Canyon for the first time. We always recommend to make sure you have enough photography space on your phone or camera because it’s not uncommon to leave Antelope Canyon having taken several hundred photos. Antelope Canyon is a magical destination that can easily be integrated in a multi-day tour on the way to or from the Grand Canyon. If you’re home base is Flagstaff, visiting Antelope Canyon is a fun day-trip for the entire family.

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